My Youtube Channel does (will) have videos in german and english of various type, including gaming, music, 3D printing and other.
I would love to do more photography. Some of my snapshots can be found on my Eyeem profile

Sometimes I feel like writing in english. Medium is a great place to share writings, so I gave it a shot there. I'm not a native speaker, so please give me feedback in case it reads kind of odd.
Seit über 5 Jahren blogge ich auf über persönliche, gesellschaftliche, technische und zum teil auch podcastige Dinge. Mal interessant, mal Popcorn. But here to stay.
Over there at are my App Store listed apps. Currently, this is kind of idle, but who knows...
Some open source code where I laid my hands on is up on github, amongst it there's the source of this entire website. So go check it out and give me stars :)
3D printing is a great hobby of mine. I have uploaded some designs to my blog at, but some will also be posted at Thingiverse.
contact ( at )